Residential Solutions


Residential Solutions

Through our wide range of automation and audio/video solutions, PROFX helps transform your home into a technology enabled dwelling of tomorrow.

The future begins at home. That is the philosophy that drives PROFX’s residential solutions team can transform your home into a technology enabled, fully automated abode of tomorrow.

Imagine your home like this: you reach home from work, your gate and garage door open automatically and close behind you. The air-conditioner has already cooled your room to your preferred temperature and your bathwater is exactly as hot as you want it. Open the door and your favorite music starts to play. Or the TV comes alive with your favorite program. Enter any room and the lights come on; leave it and they go off.

Sounds like the life you want? The possibilities are actually endless.

Be it for leisure and entertainment, or for practical domestic functions, our wide range of automation and audio/video solutions, and rich expertise in communication protocols can integrate all your devices enabling automation and control in the manner you desire.


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